Sapphire City Cavy Rescue

For all Guinea Pigs


Sapphire City Cavy Rescue is a non profit, privately owned and run rescue

Our Objective is to:

A: Educate the community on the correct care, treatment and value of all guinea pigs.

B: Offer help, via information to current guinea pig owners and those wishing to become a guinea pig owner.



They are small and don't need much room:
Wrong: Guinea pigs require a cage space of at least 1m x.5m x.25m high for one or two guinea pigs plus .6m x.6m per extra guinea pig, however the larger the cage the better.

Guinea Pigs Smell:
Wrong: If guinea pigs are housed in the right size cage and it is cleaned regularly they don't smell. Imagine living in a tiny box where you eat, sleep, live and go to the toilet and can't flush the toilet, unless someone cleans out your home you would smell.

Guinea pigs are boring:
Wrong: Imagine if you where living in a very tiny room, with barely enough room to walk, let alone run and play and no one for company you would just sit around quite sad.

Your spirit would be broken too.


Guinea pigs are easier to keep then cats and dogs:
Wrong: The shopping alone is such a demanding job, you have to keep your guinea pig up with a consistent supply of food eg hay/grass must be available all the time (24/7) a good quality grain/pellet mix, which is not usually available at your cat and dog pet supply store. Fresh fruit and vegetables which usually means at least two trips a week to your Grocery store. Then there is their bedding which requires partial cleaning daily then at least once a week a complete clean. If they are going to be keep inside then they need floor time which requires a clean up afterwards.

Thats just a start.


Guinea pigs can be keep in a child's bedroom:
Wrong: For one it ends up often making the child solely responsible for looking after the guinea pig.

As out of sight out of mind.

You can't keep two Boars together:
Wrong: Boars can be housed together with no problems, however some guinea pigs Boar or Sow just won't get along.

Just like humans.

Keeping one guinea pig is OK:
Wrong: Guinea pigs are herd animals and so must have a least one friend of its own kind.

So that they will be happy




The opinions and advise at this site are not provided by Veterinarians, they are provided from the experience gained by us and other guinea pig owners, please follow or ignore instructions at your own discretion, as we accept no responsibility for death or injury of any pet. If in doubt please seek professional help.